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Passed frozen semen contract (1)


Borderline frozen semen contract (2)

Stud Information


There are two different and clearly labelled downloadable pdf forms on this page. The first is a contract for ‘PASSED’ frozen semen, the second is a contract for ‘BORDERLINE’ frozen semen. There are slight differences in the terms and conditions section of each contract.

When you have made the decision about the correct contract for you, the pdf forms can be downloaded by clicking the ‘Download PDF’ button located in the top and bottom borders of the appropriate frame. Once downloaded it just requires printing and filling out before returning to me. ~ For the more adventurous the completed and signed form can be scanned to your PC and returned to me using the file upload feature on the ‘Contact Page’

Isobel Scruton

Tel: +44 7764 261349

Email: via Contact Page (click here)