Second Premier League of 2012 Keysoe U25s

2 days and 3 tests at Keysoe premier League Bedford and 1 more selection trial under Maisie and Rembrandts belts.

Patsy and her team put on another great show at Keysoe Bedford and we thank all who were involved from kitchen staff to ground staff to scorers judges etc. Well done.

Team test on the saturday went well with a nice test, but large differences between judges left Maisie and Remy in 4th place on a good score of 72.58%.

Internationlal Judge Jenny Lorriston clarke had them on 75% and national judge Penny Lang on 69%, 22 marks difference!!!, Beth Horobin and GBR ace Gigolo suffered the same fate with 25 marks difference, the only two to have such a difference, but we take it on the chin and try harder in the Freestyle test the next day.

Early kick off the next day and Maisie and Rembrandts  first try at the new floor plan and slightly altered music from the Europeans in Poland and a great result.

1st with 76.06% and a very happy Maisie as she enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks to Julie at Equivisions for getting our music through so quickly.

Later in the afternoon and the Individual test goes well with Maisie and Julie trying a different approach. Some very nice moments  but too many small rider errors and a wrong strike off left them in 4th again with a 68.9%. Dissapointing but leaves us plenty  to work on and room for improvement for the next competition.

Addington CDIP is next on the list as we received our invitation the day after Keysoe above. Maisie and Rembrandt look forward to their second time at Addington and hope to better their placings from 2011. Should be a great show as plenty of foreign riders entered including the German contingent which will show us all what we have to do once we get our chance to go abroad.


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