Maisie and Rembrandt in Ridsport Magazine special edition

Maisie and Remy in photo session for Ridsport. A fresh Remy having not been ridden for 10 days due to snow in January!!

Ridsport magazine wanted to feature a combination from each discipline from the Pony europeans 2011 and Chose Maisie and Rembrandt (dressage) Beth Vernon and Falazza(showjumping) and Sam Ecroyd (eventing).

Lisbeth Phlanke the reporter from Ridsport had watched Maisie and Rembrandt in the Kur at the Europeans with the Swedish team and had thought they were in total harmony as a pony and rider and to their music. She interviewed Maisie over the phone and via email,wanting to hear how she first got interested in dressage and her training and home life and how much time it takes to train for this level. Then a photoshoot in January which was a lovely sunny day but very cold with snow still on the ground .

Ridsport is a Swedish twice monthly newspaper devoted to horses and ponies and twice a year they publish a glossy special edition packed with Interviews. This edition featuring Maisie and the other two British pony riders mentioned, sports a front cover of Carl Hester and Uthopia, all very British. It was good fun being involved in this and a lovely keepsake for Maisie.

Maisie, Rembrandt and team Scruton are travelling to Compiegne CDI3* in France next week with British pony riders Erin Williams,Phoebe Peters and Harriete Williams for a final Internatonal for GBR before the final selection trial at Wellington Premier League for the European team fingers crossedX

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