First International Test Riding of 2012

Mum,Maisie and Remy looking relaxed after the test riding

First Team Test under our belts

Mum, Maisie and Remy looking relaxed before the test riding at the Unicorn.

Now our squad training is no longer, we travelled to the Unicorn Trust in Stow to a private training session with Peter Storr and nine of our pals from the old squad. The girls doubled up in lessons and the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly just like squad.  All had a great session and afterwards had a get together and meal with trainers parents and friends,  before the first International test riding for Jennie Loriston Clarke the next day.

To be considered for International competitions pony combinations have to achieve 68% or more in front of an International Judge either on arranged test days or at Premier leagues through the season. Not a lot of those before the CDI at Addington!! Myerscough being the first premier League in March.

Maisie and Rembrandt were 4th to go and after a very hard warm up (mostly in walk) due to warm up arena being frozen(-4 in the night) had their first go at the new 2012 team test. Remy was a bit tense in his walk from lack of warm up, and contact sometimes dipping behind the vertical but all in all a decent test. Maisie was thrilled with a 73%+ test and a good start to 2012. Also nice that most of her old squad mates made it with gaining over the 68% most over 70! Selectors Jenny Ward(chief) and John Robinson attended.

We are looking forward to Addington High profile show to see how these tests ride outdoors and get another couple under our belts. Although this show is not taken into consideration for selection,(not International Judges) its good to get out and have a go.

Photo above by kind permission of Millie Peters

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