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Rembrandt gets to show everyone just how special he is at Addington StallionShowcase GB

Rembrandt and Maisie will be showing at the Stallion Showcase GB at Addington EC this weekend.

Saturday is for Jumping and Eventing stallions with a free jumping competition in the afternoon, open to all with a £1000 prize money. Sunday is for Dressage  Stallions and this concludes with a Freestyle Dressage competition with a £500 prize money.

This will be Rembrandt and Maisie’s first stallion show and we are all looking forward to taking him. They will also be entering the freestyle competition in the afternoon, giving Maisie an opportunity to ride her Freestyle again, with a few tweaks to make it fit the Med test.


Rembrandt will be in his stable for the day with open access for anyone wanting to come meet him. I am sure this will not upset his daily power naps as  nothing seems to keep him from his forty winks:)

Rembrandt’s daughter, Rioja is definately a chip off the old block!

Here she is a” Mini Rembrandt” loving the camera, giving kisses and sharing her lunch with her mum (Nantina) and big pal Lulu. She really is a chip off the old block as she is so like Rembrandt in every way, very cheeky,sociable, lovable and such a huge personality, taking her grooming and worming session all in her stride. Rioja is due to be weaned next month and the obvious choice of best friend looks like Lulu!!

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