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Rembrandts first 2 mares confirmed in foal first time!! 2 down 8 to go, come on Remy!!

Rembrandt and Maisie doing their show at Stallion Ai open day. Remy has now been away for 4 weeks and we are counting down the days until we can collect him. 2 more weeks and 16 more sleeps:) He has 2 mares confirmed in foal and 8 more to be scanned, so fingers crossed for all mare owners who are waiting for that good news. Very exciting to think that next year we could have 10 more mini Remy’s in England!! We also have news from Canada of a filly born in April and they are thrilled with her, black with white stockings and a cool blaze!! Kirsty Millard of KMD stud is expecting a foal any time now so fingers crossed all goes well.

Rembrandt DDHR

Rembrandt now at Stallion Ai for 6 weeks stud duties



Maisie saying goodbye to Rembrandt!! just for a little while as he is now at Stallion AI for the next six weeks for stud duties.


After a quick outing to Port Royal on Sat 20th and winning two medium tests with 77%+ !! scores we set off very early Sunday morning to the open day at Twemlows Hall. Rembrandt had many visitors and was such a good boy, doing his show on grass and making lots of new friends and admirers. The girls at Stallion AI welcomed him back with open arms and we know he will be well cared for.

This is a fantastic opportunity to use this lovely stallion for chilled/fresh semen for a limited time only. £650 stud fee.

He has some lovely mares waiting for him and had great interest from the open day yesterday, so he could be a very busy boy. Missing him already but happy to be able to see him on Stal cam 24hrs a day and get our daily fix of the Remster. For a nomination form click here -> to contact me through the website or phone 07764 261349

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