Maisie’s Journal

Two confortable wins at friendly Vale View EC.

After a well earned break from the hectic 2012 season Maisie and Rembrandt enjoyed two comfortable  wins in the Medium classes at Vale View on Sunday 8th Sept.

It was a very hot day and the relaxed pair enjoyed both tests and were extremely pleased with their results of 72.12 and 71.76. Remy always enjoys his outings to Vale View and it was nice to enjoy the sunshine for a change instead of  wind and rain!!

The pair are hoping to qualify for the winter regionals as they miss out on national qualifications as you cannot over campaign your ponies when trying for the European team!!

Looking forward to a couple more outings soon.

Welcome to our first Rembrandt foal !

Just 30 minutes after landing in this world, Rioja takes to her feet and is a delight to behold. After quickly finding her feet she had her first drink aided by mum Nantina who is just besotted with her new baby, Rioja spent most of the night running rings around her mum.

We were delighted she made an appearance last night, as we leave for a quick well earned break and will be back in 7 days and provide some more photos as these were hastily snapped on a phone as she took us all by surprise being born at 6.30pm Friday night. She is a beautiful buckskin colour at the moment but black underneath. Will keep you posted as to her progress.

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