Maisie’s Journal

Maisie and Hot Chocolate win Advanced Medium Open at Myerscough Premier League

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Maisie and Hot Chocolate travelled to Myerscough Premier League to their first competition together and had a great result winning the first class of the show the Advanced Medium open. Prize Giving pictured.ABCL7884 copy

A lovely flowing test, marred only by the fact Maisie forgot her test!!! so used to cantering down to a final halt, she forgot to trot and extended trot to the halt!!! Never mind she won with a good score despite the error, of 68.8% and winning a lovely sash and rug. Myerscough always put on a good show making it very special.

Maisie and HC are loving riding in their new Luc Childeric saddle and are glad of the support of Tricia Bracegirdle from Luc Childeric Uk.

Maisie and Hot chocolate have been selected to ride for GBR at Addington CDI over the easter weekend and are hoping the snow goes away so they can train!!


Keysoe under 25’s Rembrandt and Maisie post 2 wins at Medium.

IMG_0026IMG_0034Maisie and Remy travelled to Keysoe in Bedford to support the U25’s show, unable to participate in the FEI tests as Maisie is now too old, she took the opportunity to compete Rembrandt in the 2 Medium open classes. It’s always a lovely show that Keysoe put on, well organised and well attended.

Despite awful weather, pouring rain and high winds, the sun shone in very small doses, all competitiors braved it out. Maisie and Remy were lucky on the Saturday to get a sunny window for their test and posted a good score of 72%+ and a clear win. Having swapped saddles to a Luc Childeric,  having outgrown her previous saddle, this made all the difference enabling her to be able to actually move and Remy had more freedom throughout so a good move.

Maisie had a goal this weekend of wanting to get a test sheet with no mistakes, and no 4’s or 5’s on it!! She was thrilled and totally made up at having achieved her goal and all 7’s and 8’s and very nice comments too. It sounds silly but this means a lot to anyone who has been through ups and downs on ponies/horses to just achieve a goal however small, no matter what level you ride at it doDSC_1143-cutesn’t always go your way however hard you work at it!!

Sunday was attrocious weather, very heavy rain and no sunshine, Maisie put Remy in his “anorak” raincoat to save him from the worst while she stretched his legs in the morning, causing some odd looks in the collecting ring, ha! After a soaking in the warm up another win topped off the weekend, sadly not as good a score but a win all the same and just shows you that every judge has different scoring scheme and what they like. The whole class was scored so much lower than the day before, maybe the weather had given her the blues who knows but a nice relaxed weekend with no pressure at all was very much enjoyed by Maisie and Remy.



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