Maisie’s Journal

Rembrandt earns his ticket to the National Championships at Medium open!!!

Rembrandt and Maisie earn their ticket to the National championships at Medium open level, having won the warm up class on 76.76% on Wednesday.

Maisie and Rembrandt earned a well deserved 2nd place on 72%+ in the Regional championship med 75.

Two judges had them on 74% and one on 70%, brought her down to second but this is Rembrandts 3rd appearance in 2013 due to stud duties and three tests at 77,77 and 76 % ,then the championship class on 72%+, just proves that he is in peak competition fitness and going better than ever.

Next stop Sheepgate under 25s championships in 1 weeks time, fingers crossed for more success!!

Maisie and Hot Chocolate 43  also had a great regionals, now training on her own Maisie won her first advanced 100, then went onto win the Northern Regional Advanced Medium 98 open Championships class, earning another ticket to the Nationals in September.


Maisie and Hot Chocolate selected to represent GBR at Compiegne CDIPJY***

Maisie and Hot Chocolate will be travelling to France for the 3rd year running to Compete in the Compiegne CDIPJYR***. This year she will be competing in the Junior tests with Hot Chocolate and hoping to improve on their scores from Addington CDIPJYR. Maisie and HC had great scores from Addington with 68.9 for team, 69.6 in the ind and 72.2  in the freestyle. Similar scores would be great to be in the mix for selection for the Junior team selected for the European Championships also in Compiegne in July this year. It has been a tough year learning to ride horses and new tests to be a contender for squad and team selection and be in full time education doing your Alevels. Hats off to these young people who combine the 2 as its a tough road and this will be Maisie’s one and only chance to compete abroad due to these exams. We all look forward to this show as Compiegne really knows how to make it special,SG1S3858_2 we pray for good weather and a happy Maisie and Chocci at the end of it, wish them luck.RSAX5376RSAX9347_WEB

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