Addington High Profile Show

Addington High profile show was the first time to try out the new 2012 FEI pony tests and get some arena time under our belts.

The show had huge entries resulting in all pony,junior and young rider tests being outdoors, in very windy and cold conditions.

Rembrandt was on fine form but full of himself and took a while to settle in the large outdoor warm up, thinking it was a good excuse for a gallop!! But settle he did and the team test on the saturday went well and earned Maisie and Rembrandt a 70+ score (2nd) which was a great start to the season. The new team test is not as complicated as the old one and Remy loses concentration but not so the individual. This is a much more demanding test and Maisie and Rembrandt enjoy this, as so much going on in it you just have to ride everything to the limit and this is good for them. This also went well in very windy conditions again, they were really on form but a mistake and a change behind brought the score down to just a smidge off 71% but good enough for 1st place.

Well worth going and trying out  the new tests as not many opportunities come along for the pony riders to go out and gain the much needed time in the arena.

Maisie and Rembrandt are looking forward to International Test riding with Trond Asmyr this coming weekend at the Unicorn trust in Stow on the wold. We are keeping our fingers crossed it is not cancelled due to snowy conditions.

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